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A Note (some advice) to our Customers:

All items in our catalog book are the best quality available. In many cases you will note there is more than one choice available of the same part. These are offered to you so that you will understand that there is a difference. You may choose between price and quality, U.S. or foreign made. Though most are, not all parts that are foreign made are listed as such, unless there is a choice between two. If there is only one manufacturer of a part, and it is a good part, where it is made is not very important, is it? This information is available to you if you request it. Our catalog is as user friendly as we can make it, please read it carefully, read the tech notes when they are supplied. The information you need to make an informed purchase is there.

We sell the best parts there are, regardless of manufacturer. There are many parts available that we do not sell because we don't like the way they work. This does not mean that the parts we sell are perfect. There are no perfect parts. There were no perfect parts. These cars were not perfect when they were new and after bouncing down the road for forty years; being crashed, bashed and otherwise hacked and abused, they are not now. It is far from easy to bring them back to what they were or better than what they were. Each car is a one of a kind exercise that requires virtually everything to be hand fitted. Current advertising (not ours) tends to lead people down an incorrect path, rather than educate you to the realities of classic restoration or hot rodding. You who are new to this must use common sense and open your eyes and ears and learn as much as you can before you start throwing money around. You should develop a plan first, research it, correct it, and then stick to it. You can pursue perfection but you should be practical. I have a rule I've been quoting for twenty years or so and believe me if anything applies this does: Doing any job 90% costs 'X' amount of money, to do the same job 95% costs 2 times 'X', to do it 96% costs 3 times 'X', to do it 97% costs 4 times 'X' and that is as good as you are going to get it because no car is perfect. Basically what this means is that small increases in quality multiply the cost and/or the time necessary to complete a task. You should think about that for a while before you proceed.

Knowledge is the key to getting the most for your money and enjoying spending it. By this I mean that YOU need to know where you want to end up and have a realistic idea of what it is going to cost you to get there, BEFORE you spend a dime. If you spend the time to find out and educate yourself first, you won't get many surprises. You won't waste money and you'll have a much more satisfying experience doing the job, whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you. The bottom line is Don't be afraid to ask. You should not attempt too much if you are inexperienced. If you have never restored a car before, it is foolish to expect you will get professional results the first time out. I suggest that you build a car to use, sticking to your original plan as nearly as possible. An overdone show car is not much fun unless it is in addition to a classic you use and enjoy. The fun is still in the driving, not in the looking. Don't make the mistake of building a car you think will be easier to sell, as it will likely not be a car you will enjoy building or driving and you'll likely be selling it before you finish it. Suit yourself, build the model and color you like. You will be much happier while it's in process, you'll get it done quicker and when it's done you'll have built your own car, not someone else's.

We have a very experienced staff; they know what they are doing. We have a Restoration and Custom shop on the premises. Between all of us, we have well over one hundred years experience with these cars. In most cases, we know what works; if we don't know, we'll find out. For twentyfive years we have done this and regardless of how you have been treated elsewhere before, you will always get the straight story here. We are not on an ego trip and are very motivated by ethics; we will do what is right. So beware, there is a lot of BS out there. Read and compare. Ask someone else who has bought one. Ask us. We will tell you the truth no matter what.

An important part of this process is respect. We treat our customers with respect, as well as honesty and courtesy. Ask anyone who has dealt with us. We expect the same from YOU, whether you spend $1.00 or $10,000!!! So relax! Sit back, have a good read and we can have a good 'ride' together. After all, it is the ride that counts.


Ted Wieckowski
President of East Coast Chevy

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