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   'Concept One' Power Steering Box

Our price structure

The latest in technology including a rack & pinion type servo & specifically tuned effort

characteristics. The result is quick response, precise control and smooth operation throughout

the entire steering range. This produces excellent road feel and driver feedback like that

found in today's cars & trucks. Includes new pitman arm as this box has a larger shaft than

original. This box is a made with all brand new OEM Delphi parts, no copies here. [A

cheaper foreign copy is available but do not be confused it is not the ‘Concept One’]

This is a ‘Bolt On’, but requires column modifications or tilt custom column like '605'.

If you have a ‘605’ now it will fit in the same space with the same column and actually

offers more exhaust clearance. Does not have the light feel of the '605'. Now comes with

adapters to take regular flared hoses. Photo below shows box with ‘AN’ braided hose

adapters, these are NOT included. This new steering box is vastly superior to the '605'

conversion. It is so good that we are no longer making or selling '605's'.


Please Note the following items or operations are necessary to complete this conversion

1. Conversion requires shortening stock steering column or a specially made tilt column.

There are several options for this. See Group 17C in catalog or call. You cannot use this box

or a '605' with a column shift manual column.

2. We highly recommend the use of a rag joint for the connection to the steering column.

Rag joints sold separately.

3. Pitman arm supplied mates to original manual steering center link.

4. Pump, Pump brackets, Hoses etc not included. See Group 10 in catalog or call.



‘Concept One’ 14: 1 Ratio



‘Concept One’ 12.7: 1 Ratio



Mullins OEM rebuilt version, see catalog or call


See catalog for other steering options or call.