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55 56 57 Original Style Power Steering







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          Do You Just Need Power?


16-170  55-56-57 Original Power Steering Kit All New Parts. All parts are original except

the control valve that is a new 63-82 GM valve. (This has been specially adapted to fit on the

stock power steering center link and use the stock pressure and return hoses. It is a much better

valve than the original: It is not prone to leaks as was the original 55-7 valve). Kit includes all

items necessary up to but not including pump, pressure. & return hoses. Use pump of your choice;

original or later model. Pump kits are available for almost any engine application. This system is

the simplest way to have power steering as NO modifications are required to the car. It is the

'assist' type as original so it uses the stock manual steering box. See pump/pump kits and hoses

in the catalog or call. Will clear any oil pan that stock manual steering will clear. Cannot be used

with our 27-304, 27-304A Headers, but OK with 27-D357Y. If you just want power steering

this is the way to go. With the updated control valve it is as dependable & leak free as any

other power steering and by far the simplest to install. Supplied unassembled.



55-57 Original Power Steering Kit



Replacement Control Kit Valve Only



With this system you get:

1.  The simplest installation to have power steering. No

   mods required to steering box or steering column.

2. Good road feel.

3. Steering return to center.

4. It is not hyper sensitive and twitchy like a 605 conversion.

5. Long term reliability and serviceable parts. [Prototype has been in one of my cars for

                5+ years now & I have never added fluid yet. Ted]


                  Parts Included are:

    10-050 Center link / 10-051 Pitman Arm / 10-052 Idler Arm /

    10-107 & 108 & 109A Idler Arm Bushings & Washers /

    10-176 & 177 Tie Rod & Sleeve /

    16-163RP Control Valve with 2 Cylinder Hoses /

    16-123C Cylinder / 16-126 Cyl. to Frame Bracket Mounting Kit

    16-123B & 16-148 Bolt & Grommets Cylinder to Center Link /

    16-162 Cylinder frame Bracket.


See catalog for other steering options