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Reproduction body panels

Body panels are never flat

Formula for success


Body panels are never flat

They are all at least slightly high crowned in their center. This means that if you hold a long straight edge on any panel with approximately equal spacing between each end of the panel and the straight edge, the highest part of the panel where it contacts the straight edge should be approximately in the middle of the panel. For example, on a door skin, the straight edge should be held in contact with only the middle of the skin and you should be able to hold the straight edge about 1/8" or so between it and each end of the door skin. If your high crown is not in the middle of a panel, you will not be able to make it look straight. If the straight edge contacts only the ends and there is space between it and the middle of the skin, you must reverse that situation in order to end up with a satisfactory repair. This concept is basic and should always be in the back of your mind when doing any repair.

Think about it. If you know where all your high crowns should be, this will allow you to do all phases of your repair with a real degree of confidence. After you complete a panel or two successfully, you may actually have a real chance at understanding what you are doing.