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Formula for success


Formula for success

First. Assess the problem. For example: Why is the door hitting in the lower rear corner against the quarter? Is something repaired incorrectly? Is there old collision damage? Is there extensive rust damage that has caused the body to sag? You must look at the whole picture and identify any major structural problems and deal with those first. If not together already, install doors and trunk lid, fenders, hood, etc. Adjust them correctly. Check gaps. See how what you have fits together.

Second. Once structural integrity is achieved, see what panels can be saved. Many times it is not necessary to replace a whole panel. Why install a complete panel if the major problem only affects a part of it? Many quarters can be saved with a part of a cheap rust repair section and some dent repair and metal shrinking.

Third. When you go to install a panel or part of the panel, spend the time to neatly remove only what is necessary and measure and fit the new section or part thereof. Make your cut lines straight and even. Smooth wavy edges. Fit the new piece with an eye for its effect on the rest of that panel.