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2 Door Hard Top (Sports Coupe) 'FLIPPER' Installation

This instruction assumes you have a good flipper assembly to install, with all items intact: springs, brackets etc, no loose rivets or broken pieces. Also that doors are installed & adjusted correctly.

Install & Align Side Windows:

You should start with the Vent glass division bar make it roughly parallel to the A pillar (windshield post)

Install Door Glass and adjust till you have roughly the same distance between front top of chrome frame and roof and rear top of chrome frame and roof, starting with the front of frame being on the same line as the top of the trimmed vent window assembly. To get the glass up in the back may require slotting the holes in the door where the regulator counter arm pivots in the short roller guide that bolts to door in middle of glass area. Adjust the rear glass run channel (back of door) so that when glass is up the vertical alignment is as close to parallel as possible to the division bar and A pillar.

Once you have accomplished this install quarter window and adjust so that front height matches door glass when up and frames are even when up.

With both door and quarter glass installed, install quarter window seal and test operation of each window with door opened and closed to be sure that windows will operate smoothly in all situations. Readjust as necessary to get smooth operation by each window in all situations.

Once satisfied with window operation, install quarter window roof track, Check all screw holes for usability & trial fit track before installing caulk. Install with a single bead of 3M-strip caulk running the full perimeter of the top of the track, 1/8" back from edge. With quarter window down, carefully install track in rear guide bracket in body without contacting caulk with body any more than necessary. Once in, lift track up to roof and install screws loosely.

Flipper goes around the front of this track so get flipper out and measure the distance you will need so that flipper will not bind on end of track. Adjust qtr glass track as necessary but leave screws loose.
Trial fit flipper before putting on gasket or sealer strips. Identify any problems and adjust quarter glass track as necessary.

Check flipper operation before installing, press down on tab with your finger, flipper should close fully.
If it does not, work flipper with your hands, make flipper 'door' close completely without pressing tab. Squeeze back of flipper door tightly against body of flipper, repeat normal closing by pressing on tab. Repeat until it closes correctly. 

Install flipper with rubber seal on top [trim flange of rubber just over outside top edge] and a single caulk bead around perimeter as on qtr glass track. It is OK to put strip caulk on roof rather than the flipper rubber if you prefer. [Note: that roof mounting surface has a slight curve to it that will effect the operation of the flipper when it is screwed down fully.] Place flipper in position on roof with car door open, angled up toward rear. Slide rear end around front of quarter window roof track, then lift front into position. Install screws loosely to hold in place before installing front seal and rear stop. Holes in flipper are slotted so flipper can be moved in or out.  Align flipper by eye, tighten screws, then carefully and slowly close door [with window down] to check operation. If front of flipper door is not closed flat against door, flipper needs to be moved out. If you cannot move it out any further you will need to readjust division bar at bottom of door to get the 'door' to close correctly. Once you have achieved this close door carefully to check rear of flipper door operation. If it is hanging open, see if it is binding on quarter window roof track. If it is not, loosen middle screws and close door to see if this removes the problem. If it does it will be necessary to add more caulk material in the center, do this and retighten screws. Again close door carefully to check operation. Repeat all steps until flipper closes correctly. When done correctly, open door, roll up door & quarter window and recheck by again closing door. Recheck window alignments in all possible situations; adjust individual items as necessary. Tighten roof track and flipper, check everything again.

Once you have accomplished all this, install flipper front seal and rear stop.  Remove front flipper screw, install front seal with bulky end toward front, back of 'L' to flipper inside top & side. Use awl to locate hole and reinstall screw. Install with a weatherstrip adhesive (follow the instructions on the tube). The rear stop installs on last flipper mounting screw, just in front of it with open part of 'U' to the outside.

If you are paying attention to what you are doing and patient enough you will be able to get these to work properly.