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Door Weatherstrip Installation

To begin with it is simpler to install the weatherstrip before the door is installed on the car or at least before fenders are installed assuming you have the doors on. This is because the clips in the front of the door are very difficult to get to and you need to press these clips in fully.

Make sure all holes for clips are open and the correct diameter; clean all surfaces to be mated with a wax & grease remover.

It is not necessary but I use 3M Fast Tack weatherstrip adhesive, there are other products for this purpose that work as well but this product I am familiar with. Follow the instructions on the tube fully and be sure to use a fresh tube. Apply adhesive to both the door and the weatherstrip. Apply a single thin bead to each and spread with a small stiff short bristle brush or use your fingertip to spread adhesive thinly and smoothly along the surfaces to be mated. Allow to dry. Then apply another thin smooth coat to either door or weatherstrip for 3 or 4 clips worth of length and install immediately each section. Wiggle each clip with 1 hand, being careful not to cut weatherstrip with your fingernail, while feeling for clip inside door with the other hand. In most cases you can access the clip inside the door with a small standard pair of pliers or needle nose to pull the clip through the hole completely if you need to. Repeat this procedure for each section of 3 or 4 clips until complete. Where you cannot access clips from inside it is important to be sure to install clips perfectly straight in their holes so that you will be able to push them in completely from the outside. If you are having difficulty doing this with your fingers use a small smooth wood block.

Weatherstrips that go all the way around door (sedans, etc) have 2 holes close together at bottom of door. This is where you begin and end.

If holes are too large for clips to get a hold in (usually the bottom due to rust), use some wood blocks (1x2's etc, or whatever you can use) to prop up clip against door from your garage floor. Mix some body filler and with an acid brush or similar tool apply a small amount around the clip inside the door. Leave sticks or blocks in place until plastic is  dry and hard.

Be sure you have the weatherstrip installed in the correct direction. One side has a short shoulder; this shoulder goes against the short shoulder on the door.

After installation complete, leave door open over night to allow adhesive bond to dry completely.