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Window Installation Sedan


  1. Install vent window regulator, then vent window assembly, leave out bottom division bar adjuster bolt.

  2. Install 'U' channel, leave rear of channel guide off mount stud in door, leave channel toward outside of car next to mount stud

  3. Install glass assembly into door by installing glass assembly from inside with front down, glass track to rear. Glass track goes through widest part of door opening at the back of the door. Once it is all inside, turn it so the track is down and rest it on bottom of door.

  4. Install outside whisker strip.

  5. Install glass assembly into channels; place window in channels, rear first, then pull division bar forward so you can insert front of window into channel. Then slide window up to closed position and hold in place with a piece of 1 x 2 wood (or something suitable), place in back of door to hold window in up position.

  6. Install regulator. Have large gear set to middle position. It goes between division bar and inner door. Once installed check operation for clearance over full range of operation. On some power installations it may be necessary to shim regulator at top so that it clears vent regulator. (This can be done easily by making a long shim from 1/8 x 1 aluminum about 5 3/4" long with 2 holes for both upper regulator mounting bolts; make it long enough so you can move it from access holes in door with your fingers. Add another 1/8 shim to front top hole if first shim is not enough.)

  7. Grease up roller guide track that screws to bottom of glass track and install over regulator rollers. Move regulator to align with either upper or lower roller guide access holes. Carefully remove window prop and guide window into position so you can install roller guide into its proper position on bottom of glass track and install the 4 mounting screws.

  8. Install short counter arm roller guide. Grease it up, slide it over regulator roller and screw it to door.

  9. Roll window up to closed position and install 'U' channel guide to stud in rear of door with nut & star washer.

  10. Install division bar adjuster stud to division bar by placing short end through slotted hole in door from inside, then push division bar out until you can engage screw. (You may need to file hole a little, up or down, to engage bar correctly.) To adjust; turn in until there is no load on it and roll window down, window determines where adjustment should be. Adjust until bar adjuster head is against inner door without 'loading' it. Install nut & star washer and tighten. Roll window up and install bottom rubber stop in inner door bracket.