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Reproduction Body Panels

Regardless of any manufacturer's claims, reproduction metal panels do not fit perfectly and it is foolish to expect this impossibility.

When originally manufactured, each Fisher body plant had its own body jigs, so that bodies made in different plants each had their differences. To an experienced Chevy restoration person, in many cases, these differences make some bodies from certain plants identifiable without looking at any tags or numbers. Now that we are all using parts originally made for different bodies from different plants, bodies that have been bumping down roads for forty plus years, that have been crashed, repaired, rusted and repaired, etc. How can you expect that a repair panel made from tooling that costs a fraction of the millions of '50s dollars the "General" spent, would pop out of the box and just fit? Well you can't, and they don't, and it could not be any other way. If you see a nice restored body that fits together nicely, it is because the body man who did the work made it fit. That is what a body man does. He is not a panel installer.

If you expect to throw on a few panels, and that they will just fit ... you are in for a lot of extreme frustration. IT DON'T WORK THAT WAY.